UUUUDUM is the artistic process of the Collettivo OP , designed by MOG Morgana Orsetta Ghini and Luca Lagash , as part of research conducted with the HTW Berlin technology hub between October 2023 and February 2024. The development continues the work Uno Di Un Milione initiated in 2019 with the Accademia Teatro alla Scala di Milano in collaborazione con l’ in collaboration with the Turismo della Val Di Sole and UN Mountain, between the peak of Pejo 3000 and the water sources of the Stelvio National Park.

Through a visionary and abstract approach, we interpret the phenomena of land desertification and glacier extinction, actively reacting to the consequences of climate change and denouncing the impacts.

UUUUDUM will give life to 10 events, during which the 10 sessions of the new MOG Sculpture will be created.

The 10 sessions will activate the UUUUDUM seminal presence, creating a meeting space where guests will focus on the social dimension of sustainability (fundamental rights, gender equality, and diversity), and where they can share their ideas and innovative works in favor of recycling and renewable energy. The sessions will be realized with biomaterials and innovative technologies including Nugae, Ricehouse, and Arche 3D.

Starting from Earth Day in Turin 2024 and the Farm Cultural Park in Favara, Sicily, we will literally sit above the effects of climate change, transformed into sculptural and sound works.

By registering on the official platform uuuudum.com, thanks to PPK Innovation technology, a personal sound will be assigned from the thousands of symphonic sounds produced specifically for the project, a sound avatar with which to navigate and stay updated on the events in progress. With the personal sound, each of us will contribute to generating the soundtrack of the final work, which will be gradually orchestrated by Luca Lagash and installed within the sculptural area during the events.

The Poetic Manifesto by Alessandro Cremonesi and the visions of Paolo Grigolli and Thomas Böhm will guide us through the journey in the selected locations and among the works under construction.

The experimental architecture of Sergey Prokofyev applied to immersive 360° FullDome environments offers us the key to transport our experience towards a totalizing dreamlike dimension, expanding the interpretative potential of the UUUUDUM artistic process in collaboration with 3D VR research fields.

The photographic and cinematographic direction by Michele Piazza will narrate the entire process, the journey, the events, and the experiences generated step by step.

Web design by Rosario Castellana.

Enter uuuudum.com and start the journey with us.


A special thanks to Emanuela Zilio, Cultural Manager who supported the UUUUDUM research path conducted with the students of HTW Berlin University.